Dawning McGinnis is an Oregonian interdisciplinary Artist who looks to nature, history, and culture for inspiration. She is known for her acrylic painting, and her boutique paint classes.

Dawning was raised by a large family of artists. Through the support of her family, Dawning has found a passion for everything the art world has to offer. Even Dawning’s hobbies are artistic. When Dawning isn’t painting or teaching, you’ll find her making Earth Art at the beach, enjoying music, dancing, writing, wheel throwing ceramics, creating digital art, or learning more art techniques.

Dawning loves using a diverse array of art mediums, and has been studying art since she was in diapers. Learning has been a huge part of Dawning’s journey. She is passionately inquisitive, and takes the time to learn as much as she can about different ways to create art. Each new technique she learns adds to her continued growth as a painter.

Dawning loves the beauty of expression no matter what form it takes. Dawning studied psychology in college so that she could learn more about emotions, how they are expressed, to express herself more accurately, and how to help others freely express themselves. Dawning has a real talent for communicating with others, and making everyone she encounters feel good about themselves both through her positive attitude and through art.


Dawning McGinnis

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