Work Study Art Program

Apply for our work study program

Work Study

Art should be attainable for all who wish to learn!

Because this is how we feel at Dawning’s Art we offer the opportunity to work in our studio in exchange for art classes.

Work in our studio cleaning brushes, palettes, organizing, and general cleaning in exchange for art classes. For every two hours you work you get one hour of art lessons, or one fun art class. 

This work exchange program can be used for private art lessons, for our fun paint and sip, or paint and puff classes. Age restrictions may apply.

How does this work?

When can I work?

Before classes, after classes, during classes, and during private events.

How long do I work?

For every two hours you work you get one hour of art lessons, or one fun art class.

What will I be doing?

Cleaning brushes, cleaning palettes, helping set up classes, helping cleanup after classes, vacuuming, pumping paint for students, and other helpful activities.

Can I help if I'm a minor?

Minors can help with all our events that do not include cannabis, which is the majority of them. You must be over 21 to attend or help with our cannabis events.
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Any art experience or aspirations?
We can use people who like to stay after class at our paint and sip or paint and puff classes to help us clean up. Other opportunities are possible as well.
In this program you can work in exchange for private art lessons, paint and sip classes, paint and puff classes, or art supplies.
Terms and Agreement
In checking the box above, you agree not to waste our time if you aren't actually interested in this program. You agree to treat this program with the respect it deserves and to not be a flake or make us regret creating this program and thereby ruining this opportunity for others.