3+ Paintings Paint Kit


This supply kit should produce 3 paintings with lots of left overs!

Once you have this kit, you’re set! All you’ll need in the future is more paint to continue creating.

What’s included

Table Top Easel (lovingly used)

Apron (lovingly used)

3 Canvas Boards (12×16)

Pallet Plate (lovingly used)

Water Cup (lovingly used)

Brushes: #4 round, 1/2″ Flat, 1″ Flat (lovingly used)

Paint: 2 oz Cadmium Yellow Hue, 2 oz Permanent Red, 2 oz Cerulean Blue, 2 oz Lamp Black, 4 oz Titanium White

Used supplies are tested and checked for great condition. A little paint never hurt art supplies! Plus you get to save a bundle on high quality supplies.