Art Lessons at our Gearhart Studio


Discover your artistic talent, or take your love of art to a whole new level

  • Enjoy drawing or acrylic painting lessons from an established Professional Artist and Teacher
  • Learn design composition, drawing techniques, color theory, and more
  • Use your own supplies so you can take what you’ve learned home to practice, and continue your love of art beyond these lessons
  • Sessions are 2 hours each, and 5 sessions are included
  • The more people who register with you the cheaper it is per person
  • We can accommodate up to 12 participants

Art Lesson options:

  • Find available dates that work for you: CLICK HERE to view calendar

Choose from drawing lessons or acrylic painting lessons

It is suggested to start with drawing lessons prior to painting lessons, but it is not required.

Check out the supply list for drawing lessons

Check out the supply list for acrylic painting lessons

What to expect in the drawing lessons:

During the first 2 weeks students will learn techniques for using pencils. These lessons will include quick draws, pencil practice, and a large scale project. During the next 2 weeks students will learn techniques for using charcoal. These lessons will include quick draws, charcoal practice, and a large scale project. The last week of class is devoted to finishing projects. Students will also participate in an art critique.

What to expect in the acrylic painting lessons:

This class focusses on large scale projects. The first painting will be done in gray scale to gain in depth knowledge of how to portray shadows and light. The next painting will be done in color, building on the knowledge gained from the gray scale painting, focus will be paid on tone, tint, and color theory.

Who should take these courses?

Anyone can take these courses, but students must be dedicated to their own personal growth as artists. Just like with anything one wants to get proficient at, it takes practice and dedication. Sometimes it may be frustrating, but having the ability to try again tomorrow is very important.


Children are welcome in drawing and painting lessons. These lessons are best for children over the age of 11.

Work Study Program:

Art should be attainable for all who wish to learn. Because this is how we feel at Dawning’s Art we off the opportunity to work in our studio cleaning brushes, palettes, organizing, and other small chores in exchange for art lessons. For every hour of art lessons we require two hours of work as a straight exchange. Those who take us up on this opportunity can also work extra hours to pay for their art supplies.


Our goal is to create an environment that is inclusive for all. All abilities, ages, colors, creeds, orientations, preferences, and backgrounds are respected at our events. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Alcohol and cannabis:

We do not sell or provide alcohol or cannabis, but we welcome their legal use at our studio.

We require state issued proof of age to be available from all of our guests who want to consume age restricted substances.

Alcohol brought into our venue must be opened/served by our staff.

Cannabis can only be used when everyone in a group is over 21 years of age.

We retain the right to limit consumption, cut guests off if needed, and we encourage safe consumption practices especially when it comes to driving after an event. We are legally required to adhere to state guidelines and requirements, but above all we want all our guest to be safe.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us (