What To Do This Winter Break In Oregon?

What To Do This Winter Break In Oregon?

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Put the Brakes on the Winter Break Blues

What To Do This Winter Break In Oregon??

This Winter Break is coming right up! That means everyone will be at home for the week….

Planning activities can go a long way in maintaining sanity.

This time of year it’s harder to get the family to motivate outside, but there’s still indoor activities you haven’t exhausted yet. Try a paint party! A painting party can be an event for the whole family. Kids often have even better results than adults. Drinking can help adults think they’re doing better 🙂

When you book a paint party to come to your location they bring everything, and I mean everything down to tables and chairs. All you have to do is have enough space for the setup.

How much space is enough space?

Dawning’s Art uses 6ftx2.5ft folding tables and 4 people can fit at each one. But you not only need space for the tables, you also have to consider the space for chairs and room to move around the tables. You don’t need a ton of room, but make sure you have enough so everyone can be uncomfortable.

Visiting your vacation home for the holidays and need something to add to the fun? No problem, Dawning’s Art will travel to make your winter break special. The minimum rate is $150 + traveling fees that are really reasonable.

How messy are paint parties?

Not very messy at all! If you’re worried Dawning’s art is happy to bring extra plastic coverings for the floor and surrounding furniture. We use acrylic paint and it is easily cleaned up using soap and water. If paint goes untreated and dries, it can be scraped off of most surfaces. If it dries on fabrics it can become permanent though.

How long are paint parties?

Classes are 2-3 hours long depending on the painting you choose to create. It takes about 30 minutes to setup before a class, and another 30 minutes to pack everything up after the class.

What paintings can we create?

View Dawning’s Art painting gallery. More paintings are being added all the time too!

How do I book a party for my location?

Bookings can be made online, by calling 971-202-2146, or by emailing dawning@dawningsart.com

All details are at least confirmed by email, so email really is the best way to get the ball rolling and to communicate details.

Learn more about 2 hour paint parties at your location

Learn more about 3 hour paint parties at your location

What To Do This Winter Break In Oregon?

If you’re planning a trip to the Oregon Coast, save the traveling fee and any possibility of a mess. Check out Dawning’s Art Studio in Seaside, and enjoy your paint party there.


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