Affordable Paint Parties at Home

Affordable Paint Parties at Home

August 27, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Home sip and paint, on location paint party, or mobile paint class are a few of the ways to describe holding a paint party wherever you can imagine. I have to say, I love bringing my sip and paint classes to my client’s locations. I’ve painted with groups on the beach, at a campground in the woods, in a park next to the Willamette River, on a dock, at a ski lodge, in a cabin, overlooking the ocean, in gazebos, in backyards, on decks, in living rooms, in dining rooms, in basements, and even in garages. I’m great at turning any space into a paint party.

How affordable could a paint party be?

I know it seems crazy to think that hiring someone to come to your location could be cost effective for a party, but it really is! At about $30 per person you can have a get together that is unique and tons of fun. Add a couple bottles of wine and some snacks and you’re set. Going out to a bar or restaurant, to see live music, or most anyway to get together can end up really breaking the pocket in comparison. Additionally, during these COVID times, this is a much safer way for you to get together. I am fully vaccinates and am happy to wear a mask.

How does the home sip and paint / on location sip and paint process work?

Book online, email, or call. No matter how you like to do it, I end up emailing you to work out the details.

The location of the your party will determine the traveling fee. For you math types, this is how the traveling fee is determined: distance from our studio, divided by 16, multiplied by the current gas prices in our area.

After we work out the location, date, and time you get to pick the painting. That’s the fun part! There’s over 50 painting options to choose from in the gallery, and I create new paintings that I’m adding to it all the time. Another option is to get a custom painting created for your event. Of course you’ve got to give me enough time to create it. Given enough time, I usually come up with something fun and on topic.

When the day of the event comes, I show up to the location you chose with all the supplies we need about a half an hour to an hour before our start time. I set up everything and then I gather your group together. The only thing I need from you is to be shown where to setup and where I can get some water (unless I’m bring the water we need).

The classes are fun and easy. I guide you through the painting you chose step by step. There’s plenty of time for snacks, drinks, and chatting. I like to create a welcoming and stress free environment. When we’re done we gather for group photo. It’s a great way to not only cherish the moment forever, but also to see how different everybody’s painting turned out. Lastly I pack everything up and leave you with a fond farewell.

What if I don’t have tables and/or chairs?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I have enough tables and chairs for up to 28 people

How much room do we need?

My tables are 2.5ft.x6ft. and I can fit 4 people at each table, and room for the chairs to scoot out is needed too. I require at least a few feet from the table, and a 3 sq. ft. area. I stand while I paint at an easel.

How many people do I have to have in my group?

There is no group minimum. But, there is a minimum fee for home sip and paint / on location sip and paint parties. The minimum is $150 (plus traveling fee) for any location that is West of the Cascades, North of Albany, and South of Vancouver (Washington). Outside of that area, the price will depend on overnight accommodations.

How far are you willing to travel?

I’m willing to consider any scenario, it never hurts to ask!

Can we paint outdoors any time of year?

Whereas I’m always great with any kind of weather, the paint we use isn’t. We need to be protected from rain. If it’s too cold or humid it will be hard to get the paint to dry too.


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