Fully Customized Portrait


Have you ever taken a photo that was so good it should be a piece of art? It’s okay if the answer was no, not many of us have. But, a lot of us have taken a photo of a person we love (including ourselves) that was great and could be used as the subject for a masterpiece put together by someone like me!

Show the person you love how special they are by creating a masterpiece for them surrounded by things they love!


How it works:
Send me a picture of the subject (you, your kid, your wife, your best friend) and tell me a little about their personality, then sit back and watch the magic unfold. Any supplemental photos (a deer, a flower, a mountain) you want to provide are welcome too. I’ll send you a mock-up and you decide if you like it or if we need to edit it a little more. After the mock-up is finalized and you approve, then I send it off to the printer. Shortly after that, you’ll get a package directly from the printer with your new masterpiece printed on a 8″x12″ canvas.

Send photos to dawning@dawningsart.com

I don’t expect you to be a photo genius or a computer wiz for this, but I do need the images you send to be as high quality and usable as possible. Please send the highest resolution photo you can find that has a clear shot of your subject’s face/head.