Pre-made for Easy Meal Prep

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I like to make food that can be used for a variety of meals. I live in a small house with just myself and my husband, and I find it really hard to cook an intricate meal for only two but we are adults and can’t live on PB&J’s. To make things easier I like to pre-prepare staple ingredients, and I rotate through them for even more variety.

Some of my pre-made staples are:

Boiled chicken breast  – This is so nice to have around because it can be used in anything and is a healthy meat choice. Check out my post Boiled Chicken Doesn’t Have to be Boring. I use this in my Garden Fresh Pasta, Stuffed Shells, and Shredded Chicken & Mandarin Orange Salad to name a few great ways this staple can be used.

Pasta Sauce – Good pasta sauce takes a little while to make, and even the Excellent Easy Pasta Sauce I make takes about a half an hour. This is why I make a good amount up when I make it. I use the Excellent Easy Pasta Sauce for many dishes like my Stuffed Shells and Easy Spaghetti.

Breakfast Bake – Breakfast can be a hard choice in the morning. Everybody is so busy and many don’t make the time for a healthy breakfast. Breakfast Bakes are a perfect pre-made solution. Make a whole casserole and it can last a single person a whole work week, or make two for a couple! (I will post my recipe for this soon!)

I also like to pre-prep some staples, like Parmesan cheese, sliced onions and cut lettuce for sandwiches, and sliced celery & carrots for easy munching.


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