Artist Statement

Dawning is an Oregonian interdisciplinary Artist who looks to nature, history, and culture for inspiration. She is particularly interested in painting, charcoal, pastels, photography, ceramics, upcycling, writing and illustrating. Additionally, Dawning runs her own business as an art instructor who teaches at wineries, for private parties, and specializes in corporate team building. 

Dawning, being a talented writer, always has a story in mind. Through the many different mediums she uses, she attempts to convey her stories. Dawning is not only diverse in her use of mediums, she is also diverse in her themes and style. Dawning thinks her style is a reflection of her life. From an early age, Dawning has traveled extensively in an alternative way resembling Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. Dawning’s alternative lifestyle has given her in-depth contact with many different cultures and communities spurring her studies in cultural diversity, history, psychology and mythology. Dawning’s influences are best described as eclectic.


Dawning McGinnis


Rich rock stacking

Rich Mauer