Pricing and Quotes


This is the fun part where you get to help create art, or sit back and let Dawning come up with ideas for you. You get a full mock-up design with 3 adjustments for only $50. If your project costs over $600 the design is free!

Site/Surface Prep

How does your site/surface look? Does your masonry need cleaning? Are there cracks that need to be filled? Dawning and her team are happy to do all the site prep for $25/hr plus the cost of supplies. Often an hour of pressure washing will take care of it.


Is your site above 8 feet? Dawning takes safety very seriously, and if your site is higher than 8 feet we'll need to use scaffolding. Scaffolding costs start at $65. The cost will depend on the size needed and how long the project will take to complete.

Painting and Finishing

Although Dawning is meticulous, she keeps her prices low and affordable. $20/square foot is the average cost. Dawning has always lived a communal life and is happy to be paid in partial trade, but she does have to cover the cost of materials and travel expenses.

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