Meet the Snoozle Womps: A children’s story I’ve been working on

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Meet the Snoozle Womps

by Dawning McGinnis


On a planet named Crystalline,

there is a mountain that has stood the test of time.

The mountain is covered with crystals,

and everyone on the planet can see them like signals.

Down the mountain a creek flows,

and Quartz is the name that the villager’s know.

Quartz Creek has a steady stream,

making the village of Mineralia extremely pristine.

In their small village the Snoozle Womps delight

in finding new ways to use the crystal’s light.

Mineralia has many unique amenities

from all of the Snoozle Womps’ different specialties.

The Snoozle Womps have discovered crystals that have the ability

to do anything from cook their food to create tranquility.

Mineralia runs smoothly

because the Snoozle Womps know their callings resolutely.

For the first time in who knows how long,

a Snoozle Womp who didn’t know his purpose has come along.

Abelard Snoozle attempted to find his true calling

by trying out everybody else’s jobs, as if he was trawling.

None of these jobs made Abelard happy,

so he went to ask advice from his Uncle Mapsy.

Mapsy lives high up the mountain as a cartographer,

and every time Abelard goes to his house the trip gets rougher.

Abelard doesn’t have to explain the reason for his visit,

the turmoil he has been going through is implicit.

Mapsy had no advice for Abelard so instead he told him what he sees

when he watches Abelard from high above Mineralia’s idiosyncrasies.

“I see you try all kinds of things that bring you nothing but havoc,

although, I can easily say the thing you enjoy the most is your stomach.”

“I do love to look at my stomach” Abelard exclaimed,

“I feel like if I look hard enough the secrets of our world will be explained.”

Abelard went back home with new pride

knowing that his true calling had been identified.

Abelard now spent his time staring at his stomach and performing experiments

which led him to an amazing discovery and his utter merriment.

The news of Abelard’s breakthrough traveled fast

But soon all of the Snoozle Womps’ expectations would be surpassed

Abelard prepared a presentation that made him feel sublime,

and chose to share his findings at dinnertime.

The Snoozle Womps gathered together for a feast,

and as they waited for Abelard their anticipation increased.

The smell of the feast was more than tempting

though nobody was eating due to the presenting.

Finally Abelard declared with certainty

that he knows the reason for the Snoozle Womps’ internal luminosity.

A demonstration had everyone convinced

there must be a reason the Snoozle Womps and the crystals coexist.

The Snoozle Womps have lived in Mineralia for how long, nobody knows.

But, the light that is in the crystals makes the Snoozle Womps’ bellies glow.


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