About Painting Events

No experience needed to create a masterpiece

Dawning is a talented painter and a dedicated teacher. She creates a welcoming and fun environment, making sure all skill levels and abilities can enjoy success.

During class Dawning breaks the paintings down step by step and she includes many breaks. Breaks help the paintings dry and also gives the students time to socialize. 

Dawning encourages students to push their limits while having light hearted fun. She promotes a stress free experience.

At the end of the class students gather for a group picture and to celebrate how different all of their accomplishments are.

Our Locations

Arcane Cellars

Join our painting classes at Arcane Cellars year round.

Archer Vineyard

Join our painting classes at Archer Vineyard year round.

Van Duzer Vineyards

Join our painting classes at Van Duzer Vineyards May-September.

On Location

Hold a painting class at the location of your choosing.