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I was born in Tillamook and lived in Cloverdale Oregon. My family soon separated and gave me the opportunity to live a split life. Part of my life was spent on the road with my dad and the other part of my life was spent living with my new family in SW Portland. My life in Portland gave me freedom to be my own person, which was fostered with help from my mom. My mom has always encouraged my artistic endeavors, involved me in any and all activities we could afford, and continuously brought home art supplies from garage sales. When I wasn’t with my family in SW Portland, I was having adventures with my dad. There is so much to say about life with my dad. I have been writing stories about our adventures for years and I hope to one day publish a full book of them. But, for now, I will just say that it was exciting and gave me more than enough fuel for a lifetime of inspiration. In addition, my family is brimming with artistic and supportive people. I was fortunate enough to have hands on experience with artist mentors from birth. 
In my adult life, I have found a wonderful life partner who supports my art and helps me continue living my split life that I have become accustomed to. Together, my partner and I pursue our intellectual and artistic endeavors in our daily lives, but we also have adventures the way my dad and I always did when I was young. Through our adventures, I have the chance to experience things for the first time and to re-experience elusive memories from childhood. My time with my partner is especially significant to my art because he gives me a new perspective of everything we encounter, which is often times a way of seeing things that I would have never considered. 
Read about one of my adventures with my dad here.


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