• Native Style Horse Hair Pot

The fine dark lines in this pottery are created using horse hair. After the pot has been fired to 1850F/1010oC, the pot is removed from the kiln and horse hair is laid on the pot. The hair burns and leaves behind a carbon stain that is cooked onto the pot, making a beautiful and unique pattern on each piece. 

Each of these pots is different, and one of a kind. The uniqueness of these pots makes perfect one of a kind home decor. 

Three sizes available:

Small pots are approximately 2-2.5 inches tall, and 3-3.5 inches wide.

Medium pots are approximately 2.5-3 inches tall, and 4-4.5 inches wide.

Large pots are approximately 3-3.5 inches tall, and 5-6 inches wide. 

These pots are not food safe or water safe.

If washing is needed hand wash with cool water, and towel dry.

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Native Style Horse Hair Pot

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