Give your Wine Club members a wonderfully creative opportunity to visit your winery at no cost to the winery at all. 

Artist Dawning McGinnis brings all the painting supplies and guides students through painting a simple yet exquisite masterpiece while they enjoy and purchase your wines. The collaboration between your winery and Dawning is a free way to raise your wine sales and engage your wine club members between pickup parties and other events. 

Dawning gladly advertises all events. This gives your winery exposure to thousands of potential customers coming from everywhere between Vancouver and Eugene.

All the winery needs to do is provide tables and chairs, an area for the class to take place, and send out at least two emails to all Wine Club members linking members to Dawning’s website to register for the class. Classes need to be scheduled at least one month prior to the date to give Club members time to plan for the class and register. There is room for up to 20 people in each class. 

What Dawning provides:
Paint Brushes
Table Top Easels 
Painting Pallets
Water Jars
Paper Towels
Painting Example
Complete Step-by-step Instructions
Encouragement of Wine Purchases 

Got questions? Ready to book your class? Contact Dawning anytime.