Give guests a wonderfully creative opportunity to visit your winery

Artist Dawning McGinnis brings all the painting supplies and guides students through painting a simple yet exquisite masterpiece while they enjoy and purchase your wines. 

We provide two options to choose from:


Students register through Dawning's Art website

cost is $25-$30/student (depending on canvas size and class duration)

$5 wine club member discount code included


For wineries who would like to charge a different price for classes

Include the class as a bonus to wine club members

Include the class as part of a larger event

What does the Winery need to do? 

All the winery needs to do is provide tables and chairs, a weather appropriate area for the class to take place, a sink with running water, and send out an email to all Wine Club members linking them to register for the class.

What we provide:

Paint Brushes
Table Top Easels 
Painting Pallets
Water Jars
Paper Towels
Painting Example
Complete Step-by-step Instructions
Encouragement of Wine Purchases 

Got questions? Ready to book your class? Contact Dawning anytime.